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What others are saying
  • “It would be difficult to find a more competent programmer than Zeljko. He builds rock solid, secure, scalable applications. He thinks outside of the box and is always several steps ahead. If you appreciate the benefits of Doctrine and fully object orientated PHP, Zeljko would be a exceptional candidate.”
  • “A piece of art! Zeljko kicked ass on this project and put up with a small amount of crap from my side. When he gets in the zone it's fun to watch him program even if I have no idea what he's doing. He will show 1 line of code that does something ridiculously complicated on the site. He put in lots of extra work to make sure that what I received was something that I would be happy with. I had lots of fun and hopefully we will continue to work together in the future.”
  • “Amazing and fast once again!”
  • “Great analyst & programmer! He takes the job very seriously and has great skills. Great!!!”
  • “one of the best, most efficient, talented, fastest programmers i have ever met. actually, the only one.”
  • “pancevac76 is a great php developer, very responsive and professional. I'll absolutely come back to him. He's a sure bet.”
  • “Exceptionally strong developer. Complete honesty and integrity. Any opportunity to use again I would take.”
  • “Amazing as always!”
  • “Best programmer I've ever worked with. Fast, efficient, honest, and gets everything done!”
  • “Great developer! Zeljko is very serious and professional, and the quality of his code is great.”
  • “I have hired a lot of freelancers off of Elance, and Zeljko is by far the most talented and trustworthy of them all. There has never been a problem, or a feature that Zeljko has been unable to solve. Even some things I think would be impossible he solves in a couple hours. If you're looking for a custom, responsive, fast site then look no further. I will continue using Zeljko for as many jobs as I can! ”